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On this blog I put short, informative and inspiring texts on topics such as health, stress management, personal development, meditation, spirituality, energy and how to release blocks.

What are blocks and how can they be released?


What are blocks?

I see the term "block" very broadly. Anything that restricts the natural flow of energy is a block. On a physical and mental and spiritual level. This ranges from physical tension or health problems to stress, negative beliefs, burdensome thoughts, exhaustion, interpersonal conflicts, anger, addictions, negative behaviour patterns, compulsions, crises, lack of energy, etc., to typical psychological challenges such as fears or trauma. The corresponding blocks become particularly apparent when you are stuck in a situation. But they can also exist and have a limiting effect on less obvious levels.

How do blocks arise?

Blockages can arise in many ways, such as through:

- Overload

- Negative news, negative local energies

- Insults

- "Energy vampirism", i.e. when other people constantly steal your energy

- Current experiences, trauma

- Experiences from your past, especially in your first 7 years of life

- Manipulation

- Experiences of your parents, grandparents and ancestors (e.g. war generation, thinking with a sense of lack), which are passed on to you via the DNA

- When your attention is too much on others instead of on you

- Wrong approaches (e.g. ‘wanting’ things)

- People who impose their opinions on you


Blocks settle in your body, your brain, your nervous system, your subconscious. The sooner you work on a "fresh" block, the quicker and easier it can be released.

How can blocks be resolved?

Everything is energy. Blocked or pent-up energy is a block. The block (i.e. the pent-up energy) can be released using certain techniques – at their energetic root. After that, the energy can flow freely again.

If you want to learn more about it or if you want to release your blocks, I invite you to contact me for a free consultation.

The onion layer principle


Blocks dissolve like onion layers

If you want to get inside an onion, you first have to remove the layers above it. The outermost layers may already be old and thick, but it gets finer and finer as you go inwards. It's the same with releasing blocks. Often you want to have a specific block X resolved (the inside of the onion); but before this block X can be released, the other overlying blocks must first be dissolved. If you now concentrate exclusively on block X, you may not even notice how the other, overlying blocks that are connected to block X dissolve first.

In addition, it is important to understand that what dissolves is always what is currently ready and pending in your own system and what your own system can process in that moment.

However, with the Mindflow Expert techniques that I work with, it is possible to specifically work on a block X. In this process, it is possible that this block X dissolves immediately; however, it is also possible that other overlying blocks will be resolved before block X can be resolved.

So do look forward to interesting changes in you and in your environment!

If you want to learn more about it or if you want to release your blocks, I invite you to contact me for a free consultation.

Would you drive through the mud with your freshly washed car?
After a Mindflow Expert session you have the choice.


You always have the freedom to choose

If you come to me for a Mindflow Expert Session, your issue / your block (or the overlying blocks) will be permanently dissolved at the root. You will drive out of the car wash with your freshly washed car, so to speak. Typically a few days after the session, you will be presented with a situation in which you can freely choose between 2 options:

Will you drive onto the new, clean road with your freshly washed car?

Or - if you are not yet ready to let go of the block permanently – will you drive down the old, dirty road and first have a few more experiences with this block?

No matter what you decide, two things are important to know:

1. If you miss an exit once, you are guaranteed to be presented with another exit, which you can again choose to take this time - or not yet.

2. For every problem there is already a solution. In the G4, through our session, it can show itself to you.

If you want to learn more about it or if you want to release your blocks, I invite you to contact me for a free consultation.

And always remember: You always have the freedom to choose:

The potential problem with meditation - Part 1

Das pot Problem mit Meditation.jpg

Meditating is not always constructive


In my life, I have done more than 2,000 hours of meditation (mostly guided meditation). After a burnout, I began meditating in a yoga studio. At some point, I became aware of people such as Dr Joe Dispenza and Dawson Church, and soon I would do between 1 or 2 hours of meditation almost every single day. I loved it and enjoyed it, and it helped me manifest amazing things. But at some point, I felt stuck in a place. I didn’t see the changes to myself and to my life that I wanted, although I followed the correct meditation practice with discipline and diligence day after day, and year after year. Ultimately, I questioned my entire meditation practice, and I’m glad that I did, because:

Meditation is a wonderful tool, but …

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against meditation. I meditate too. In fact, I think that your entire life should be one ongoing meditation by being in a certain state of consciousness that I try to convey in my coaching sessions, too.

There are many different kinds of meditations. Meditations can have tremendously beneficial effects on both your psychological and physical health that can even be superior to prescription drugs or medical treatment. They can also be a great help to enable people to reach higher states of consciousness and to get back into touch with themselves, with their life, with universal intelligence, and with their very essence of existence.

However, as with anything, meditation can also be counterproductive. Here are a few things to consider::

Part 1:

People have blocks. And it's up to them to release their blocks. Piece by piece, onion layer by onion layer.

"Normal meditation" without first resolving your blocks only calms the mind, but is possibly counterproductive: Because your higher self sees that your blocks have not yet been released, and this increases the blocks because your higher self has to send you bigger signals so that you finally tackle your blocks. In addition, you pay more attention to the block during meditation and thereby strengthen it. So it is important to first resolve the corresponding blocks before meditating.

But you can also get new blocks through a wrong approach to meditation:

If, for example, you do a heart-opening meditation IN ORDER TO open your heart, the signal you are sending out is that your heart is actually closed. It may then close your heart even more, because you entertain a meditation practice whose goal it is to open a closed heart. This may sound contradictory at first, but take a closer look: you may actually leave your 1-hour meditation with an open heart but then slip back into your closed-heart state soon after for the other 23 hours of your day because you have your heart-opening meditation practice, because you’re already looking forward to the next meditation, and because you keep sending out the signal that you need a heart-opening meditation because your heart is closed. So the next day you sit down again to do your heart-opening meditation and you end up closing your heart more and more. The long-term effect of this routine is that you may manifest a closed-heart state for yourself. Which is exactly the opposite of what you had consciously intended to do. Of course, this not only applies to heart-opening meditations but also to any other type of manifestation meditation (relating to success, money, health, relationships, freedom, abundance etc.).

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