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I am not available as a victim anymore.

Essentially, Mindflow is about gaining and reclaiming energy from stress and emotional/mental/physical blocks by releasing blocked energy and getting it flowing again – both on the physical level and deep within the nervous system and the subconscious. It's about the quick, clean and lasting release of deep-seated blocks, stress, bullying, fears, trauma, energetic entanglements and implants, limiting beliefs, recurring patterns / issues / worries, mental and physical problems as well as acute and chronic pain. It is also about a fundamental understanding of the topic of energy (because everything is energy) and acting in a heightened state of consciousness, the G4 state. This leads to increased energy, more vitality and health as well as achieving goals in a ‘clean’ way.

Everyone can inform themselves about Mindflow using the generally available information, for example here.

I would like to explain other reasons here:

Personally, Mindflow has fully convinced me, and the deeper I understand and experience it, the more enthusiastic I become. These days, for good reasons, I no longer work with what I’ve learnt in my other training courses that I have done, but only with Mindflow: as a Mindflow Expert, I work with clients individually to resolve their issues, and as a Mindflow Trainer, I give Mindflow Basic Seminars as well as regular practice meetings for all Mindflow training levels: Basic, Practitioner and Expert (further information on individual sessions, seminars and practice meetings: see here). I also give coaching sessions on G4 consciousness, stress management and personal development.

When it comes to Mindflow, I can be certain that everything happens in an in-depth, sustainable and energetically clean way - without manipulation, without ‘forcing’ anything on the other, and without inevitable backlashes or unwanted side effects (which is what happens with almost all other methods). Freedom, independence, free will as well as self-determination and self-responsibility are essential at Mindflow. In an interpersonal interaction, there should not be one winner and one loser at the end, but two equal winners. And it is fascinating time and time again how, in the G4 state, the laws of other levels no longer apply and new paths and possibilities are revealed.

But that alone is still no reason why it should convince you too.
There is another fact I find convincing: at the Mindflow seminars, you meet a wide variety of people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences: people who have been doing energetic work for 30 years; psychologists and psychotherapists; massage therapists and physiotherapists; healers and people from the fields of aura surgery, spiritual healing, theta healing, quantum intelligence, meditation, EFT tapping, osteopathy, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda; nurses; naturopaths, doctors, veterinarians, dentists, surgeons, orthopedists and other medical specialists; coaches and trainers; people from various (also non-medical) fields; people whose experience with energy ranges from ‘a lot’ to ‘some’ to ‘none at all’ - and they all say that Mindflow is what they've always been looking for and what they've always waited for. That, I think, speaks for itself!

If you are interested and feel the impulse to learn more about it, then simply contact me for a free and non-binding consultation session.

Be ready to receive what is coming:

Don't ask yourself how you can achieve something. Instead, what are you ready to accept? Often you want something and try to manifest things, but they don't come to you because you have blocks in you that prevent exactly that. However, if you are in the attitude of acceptance, life unfolds for you. Because the 'divine field' always has the best in store for you and brings everything to you.

Tom Moegele, founder of Mindflow Academy

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