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Nothing and nobody can heal you - you can only heal yourself.

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No medicine can heal you, no doctor, no therapist, no guru, no ‘healer’ and no one else. Because healing always comes from your own system, you already have all the prerequisites and potential within you and only you can heal yourself. But the way to get there can be paved for you so that your system gets into a state in which it lets go of the blocks that it can let go of in that moment, and in which more and more healing can take place.

That's why I'm not a doctor, not a therapist, not a guru, not a healer; I don't do 'treatment', I don't 'heal' you (you'll do that yourself); I don’t recommend any medication; I make no diagnoses. Because there is nothing wrong with you and you are not ‘ill’, but you simply have blocked energies (blocks) that can be brought back into the flow. And for this I pave the way for you and accompany you so that you can heal yourself and experience deep relaxation, serenity and well-being as well as freedom, joy and success. In that process, you will always retain your self-determination and self-responsibility.

I combine my knowledge in the fields of medicine and alternative medicine and my experiences from my spiritual and energetic training and my energy work with my theoretical knowledge from my Health Psychology studies. In practice, however, I only work with Mindflow tools, which - in my experience – are what paves your way the best.

Everything is energy.

So everything has an energetic origin and an energetic cause.
Therefore, this energetic cause must always be addressed first and the corresponding energetic block must be resolved first. Otherwise it would be nothing more than treating the symptoms, and the “problem” would keep recurring – at different intervals and to different extents. The problem tends to get bigger and bigger, because this way we are encouraged to work on the problem (at the energetic root) and finally resolve it for good.


But even if “everything is energy”, the other, more material areas must also be taken into account. Because they also have an influence on us, of course. So in addition to the energetic level, you also have to work on the psychological level, the mental level, the spiritual level and the physical level, especially nutrition, sleep and exercise.

All these levels also influence one another.
A simple example: If you eat tons of fast food every day, you make it difficult for your body and mind to develop healthily. But here too, if the underlying energetic block has been resolved, then you may no longer feel like eating fast food.

So fortunately, many of these areas change on their own once the underlying energetic block has dissolved. But you can positively support your healing, your success and your (further) development on all of these levels. This is a truly holistic approach for body, mind and soul. And that is my approach.

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